The 65th for the '56th


Comments-The Chosen

Did you hear me?

Lohmeier Paper

CV-60 to CVN-81

TWA 800 - 25 years ago

Detective Harry Bosch

Bosch and Longmire

This is my rifle

First Six Months of 1942

COVID Early Treatment

Home COVID Treatment


Picture is an early morning shot of The Burton Wonderland during the second day of our Bivouac 6 Nov 2021.

The first paper is about my 65th high school reunion in Ardmore on May 22, 2021 - "There ain't many of us left!"

TWA 800 - A paper written on the 20th anniversary of a horrible crash - a shoot down - and added now, 25 years later, noting NOTHING has changed...

See the two articles on COVID. The short one is the Home Treatment in five steps. The longer one is a reformatted and well done COVID Guide on Treatment.

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