Ardmore Crash 1966

N183H CAB Report

D-Day the 75th 2019

Whack-A-Ball, II

Utopia, Jeanne, and SFT

Shot up 100,000!

Back Yard Flyer

Rust on my trash can

Custer or Crazy Horse?

Hope, Flag, and Fire Bell

My name is Biscuit

Ars Moriendi

Der treue Husar

Picture of tail

CRASH!   1966 American Flyers Airline Electra

Welcome to Das letzte hurra!(The Last Hurrah!) My last Web site folder leads off with a report on the worse aviation crash in Oklahoma history. The first two files with the story and the CAB accident report are listed.

Finally got my number (bar C) on shooting!

Do you have a fire bell going off in your head?

My last paper: The Art of Dying - actually, it is The Art of Living!

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