The Great Reset

Comments on NEO

BDA for 6 Jan 2021

How many fingers?

Not taking vaccine

Saad's Honey Badger

Texas Metro Team

Dollop of Clint

Dollop of Morgan

Let's go LAT/LONG!

Best of GGG2

Twenty-Four Notes

Robin Gibb "I started..."

Patton and Rommel

Pix of 1984 movie


Rather than use another Deutsch name for this folder I have chosen a Greek word; for sure, I cannot pronounce the Greek but perhaps we can call it like it looks or "Fox uncle" and go on with it.

The papers start off with a late November forecast of what the Great Reset will look in the future. NEO is about the Chinese controlling the oligarchs who own the government. A few words on how bad it went for us on 6 Jan at the Capital (Antifa done good). The last paper is a preview of where we are going: 2 + 2 = 5. Sadly, we have had the "Wienerschnitzel."

See the revised paper on "Not taking vaccine."

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