Bezmenov Warning

Lincoln Paper

Gunsite Gossip 1


Patches by Jimmy

Musings - War Movie

Fighting Guardsman

A Minute to Twelve

Email 11:59

JFK - Turkey Shoot

JFK Coverup: They lied

Picture of Mask

Komm und nimm es!

This latest folder shows a picture of my "Grim Reaper" I bought from and it says "Come and get it!"

(Note: the powerful image is from their Web site.)

Just added in "Musings to JFK" as these cover the TV Series "War and Remembrance"; my new "Protector" face mask; "The Universe into one year of time"; The 11:59 or one minute till twelve as noticed by Jim on the email I sent out; And a report on "JFK" the movie - noting six shots were fired; Then, JFK Coverup: They Lied.

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