And it was night

The Blessings of John

A Monk's view


While north bound

Jayber Crow Paper

Netherlands Shoot

TCPT Paper

Life as a painting

John 14:2a

The hour has come

A Hun'ert

"Submarine alongside!"

Sitz im Leben

They tried to tell us

Too Late!

Picture of Criterion

The New Motto for 2018

This folder is called "Locker" and holds most of the work in 2017. Includes the Bible 101 class I taught on line, my gym activity, and finishing 44 days at the Texas Center for Proton Treatment.

Five papers were added in July 2020 noting "A Hun'ert" has to do with reloading some .45 SWC ammo and the paper "Submarine alongside!" has to do with the new movie Greyhound. Hope you enjoy it.

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