The Resurrection

The Glory and Hour

Doing Holey Work

Give up our Guns?

Submerged Ships


The Hour is here NOW

MEMO: Plight of the Soul


Big Bang - Big Rip

Blue Steel and Walnut Grips

References for Blue Steel

John's Rearview Shot

Five in the Bullseye!

Picture of Criterion

WHACK! Goes the feather banner - Time to Joust!

Actually, it was John's birthday and Jim and I (with Biscuit) met at the boxcar to wish him a Happy Birthday. Di took the picture and then asked (she has been the only one to do so) what the writing on the top of the feather banner meant. Well, it spells out: F-100C FG M-14/7,62/.45 C (with a bar on top).

The F-100C was the fighter plane I flew in my second active duty tour. FG is the Fourth Gospel. M-14 is my most favorite battle rifle in 7,62 mm. The .45 is, of course, my 1911 pistol series. And the bar C reflects the 100,000 rounds I have shot.

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